Victoria Beckham on the one outfit she wore which drew a compliment from David

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Loyal followers of Victoria Beckham’s style outings will have just one question at the moment: why has she been wearing so many white t-shirts? As she’s dashed between London and New York over the past few weeks, Beckham has been photographed on a near daily basis wearing a slightly slouchy, pristine white tee with a rotating series of jeans or relaxed tailored trousers.

It turns out it’s one of her favourite pieces from her new Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection. “I don’t have time to think about I’m wearing. I’m spending so much time focussing on the collection that the last thing I want to think about is what I’m wearing so it’s like a uniform,” the designer clarified last night as she hosted cocktails and canapes on the closing evening of London fashion week at Mayfair’s Mark’s club where she and David love to go when they’re in London. “I thought, let’s do it here and drink some tequila, who doesn’t love a bit of Casamigos? It’s always a bit of joke because everyone knows that I love a little tequila.”


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