Upen Patel Wears An Iconic White TShirt, Redefines The Concept Of Classics For Us

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Not much has changed with Upen Patel since ’36 China Town’ and his more recent stint on the clown series, ‘Bigg Boss 8’ (lol). Even today, his tailor’s his best friend (who nails his fits every single time) and he’s the owner of iconic pieces off the world’s biggest international brands. He’s neither quirky nor very experimental, but he’s the sartorial equivalent of Jon Snow’s inherent Stark personality—of sticking by his rules and taking decisions with his gut. And to us, that’s a terrific quality to have! But then again, change is constant. Taking a breather from his life of formal wear and motif-led slip ons, Mr. Patel stepped out yesterday in a rather relaxed version of himself. But the highlight here? His Monkey Brothers printed T-shirt from the house of Givenchy!

Upen Patel Wears An Iconic White T-Shirt, Redefines The Concept Of 'Classics' For Us© Viral Bhayani

Featuring a Cuban fit, ribbed crew neck and a linear hem—Upen’s T-shirt is a straight up war-call for the fleet of wardrobe basics. The combo of ripped jeans and white sneakers that would have ideally been paired with a solid-coloured T-shirt, for Upen, found friend in an iconic and signature white T-shirt. “But, it’s nothing too out of the box”, some would say. Our take: in the situation of a Thursday evening, trying to hustle to rush for a football match, Mr. Patel brought in a rather dramatic wardrobe basic along. Blatantly replacing his classic T-shirts!

Upen Patel Wears An Iconic White T-Shirt, Redefines The Concept Of 'Classics' For Us© Givenchy

Well, the takeaway here is the simplest to us—times have changed and fashion has evolved. Plus, these are movie stars and they can do whatever the hell they want! And clearly, to look very classic in 2017, you’d rather go the extra mile.

Photo: © Viral Bhayani (Main Image)


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