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On a Friday night in Lincoln, Barry’s Bar and Grill at 235 N. 9th St. is packed with college students, drinking, laughing, dancing and catching up with friends. Most college students go to the bar to relax and unwind after a week of classes, but not Allison Wetig.

On Friday nights, Wetig is not drinking, she’s working. She goes to the bar to work, build her resume and keep herself busy.

As a graphic design and advertising and public relations double major from Omaha, Wetig has a variety of things going for her. She celebrated her two-year anniversary working at Lincoln hotspot Barry’s back in the beginning of September. She is the event coordinator and marketing manager at the bar, though she said her role encompasses more than just events and marketing.

Wetig runs all of Barry’s social media, designs its weekly T-shirts and completes tasks related to general management, bar management and kitchen management.

She got her start at Barry’s after a rough start at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She was suspended for disciplinary reasons during fall 2015 and decided to apply for a bartending position at Barry’s after leaving a job at a clothing boutique in Lincoln.

When she began working at Barry’s, she said she and the bar manager saw the potential for Barry’s to become an event and a nightlife point of interest in Lincoln. From there, she took on the role of event coordinator and worked to revamp the Barry’s scene. Previously the bar didn’t host as many private parties and wasn’t as well-known.

She reconditioned its social media and redesigned its website. She helped turn Barry’s into a popular event destination. They now host birthday parties, graduation celebrations and even weddings.

“I do things from putting all the grad party packages together, catering menus, room rentals, bottle service [and] answering any inquiries that come through Facebook and Instagram,” Wetig said.

She is in charge of catering to all the needs of her clients in order to make their event unforgettable, meaning she is on call 24/7. She also manages Barry’s Google accounts and has a separate work cellphone she is obligated to answer whenever it rings.

“I have a different cellphone that I have to answer constantly when anyone calls for anything,” Wetig said.

She also helps set up and take down events and is in charge of making each client’s desires a reality.

On Sept. 30, Barry’s hosted a wedding Wetig executed. It was a ceremony with 75 guests and Wetig said she helped create the fun, casual environment the bride wanted. She coordinated all the songs for the wedding as well as matched the lights to the wedding’s color scheme.

“It was actually really fun,” Wetig said. “We did the ceremony at 4 p.m. I coordinated her wedding songs and made the lights navy and silver to match her wedding colors.”

This was only one of the many different events Wetig coordinates.

Her hard work does not go unnoticed. Barry’s regional manager Jamie Fitzpatrick said he’s always been impressed with Wetig’s commitment.

“She gets a lot done, it’s pretty impressive,” Fitzpatrick said. “She puts in the work herself [and] she’s got a go-getter attitude.”

For most students, balancing a full-time job and a full-time student course load would be too much, but Wetig said she thrives on her busy schedule.

“I can’t not be busy, it hurts me,” Wetig said. “I still feel like I’m not busy enough.”

She describes herself as passionate, invested, inquisitive and determined. Part of the reason she’s tried so many things is because she said she wants to diversify her experience and better herself and her resume.

Wetig said a lot of her inspiration comes from the pressure to succeed and the influence of other successful people she sees. She said she draws motivation from different people on Instagram, particularly those who are young and doing impressive things. Wetig herself has a significant Instagram following with almost 15,000 followers.

Her photos are carefully curated and show off her interests and personal style. Wetig said she enjoys doing Instagram collaborations. Her style is evident from her social media and her Instagram account is popular, featuring pictures of her dog, Peaches, her style, trips she’s taken and different projects she’s working on.

She said part of the reason she pushes herself and takes on so many projects is so she can accomplish as much as she can before graduation.

“It’s crazy how people [can accomplish big things]. It’s interesting to look at people who are slightly younger than you doing things,” Wetig said. “I think that really pushes me.”

She said support from her family and friends also influences and inspires her.

“My parents have always been really supportive of me working really hard,” Wetig said.

She also recently started running the Instagram account for Maggie’s Vegetarian Café on her own initiative. She said she noticed its social media presence could use some help and decided to reach out to the owners. Now, Wetig helps with its social media, taking photos of the food and working to promote the business.

She said she likes to take on projects and improve businesses.

“It’s fun to go and fix things and then move on,” Wetig said. “I know if I can go and help something, I like, want to. It’s fulfilling.”

Wetig said she likes to see things she’s worked on be able to flourish and operate on their own. Her work at Barry’s has begun to show itself and she said she thinks it’s nice to see her work self-sustain.

“I think it’s so cool you can take anything and make an opportunity out of it.”

Wetig said she hopes to travel after graduation and potentially live abroad. She said she plans on going into business with her boyfriend in the future, possibly settling in Chicago or a similar city.

Wetig said her disposition for projects is her passion and it’s motivating to have made an impact at Barry’s and in Lincoln.

“If you just put [in] a little effort and care, you can make an impact on anything.”



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