The Madewell x Girls Inc. Collab Is All About Girl Power & Giving Back

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There are as many different girl power outfits as there are women to wear them. Between graphic tees and jackets to patches and pins, the possibilities are endless. Thankfully, minimalists are included in the movement now, too. Madewell and Girls Inc. have teamed up for a second charitable collab that makes it easier than every to incorporate some babe-to-babe love into your wardrobe.

The brand that gave you iconic jeans is here to give you something else to obsess over. Madewell and Girls Inc. have come together for the second time this year to bring you even more feminist love. The first time around, the charitable pair created a baby pink tee with a white, embroidered female symbol on it.

Now the design is back, but in white with a black symbol — and more friends are coming with it. Along with the T-shirt, there are also two accessories included in the extended line. There’s a pair of bronze female sign earrings and a chain necklace to match.

Each of the dainty items is the perfect way to sneak some girl power into your wardrobe.

Courtesy Madewell

The three items are available right now on the Madewell website. The shirts is $35, necklace is $48, and the earrings are $42. Each purchase will donate 25 percent of proceeds to Girls Inc. — an organization that inspires and supports girls through direct service and advocacy.

Don’t think of it as a new clothing item or accessory. Instead, see it as a way to give back — and be instantly rewarded for doing good.

“All day we think about the essentials women need to empower their everyday lives,” Joyce Lee, Madewell head designer, said in a press release. “It’s important to us to support women through the many phases of their life —from adolescence to adulthood — which is why we’re passionate about the Girls Inc. mission and our partnership with the organization.”

Courtesy Girls Inc.

Like all good things, this collection will eventually come to an end. All three items are limited edition and available only on the Madewell website. Basically, you should shop right now if you want to make sure you don’t miss out.

As of Sept. 21, two days after the official launch, both the necklace and the earrings are currently in-stock on the Madewell website. The shirt is still available in sizes extra-small to extra-large. The only option currently sold out is extra-extra small.

If you’re a Madewell Insider, you’ll get free shipping with the order, too. All you have to do is sign up on the brand’s website, and you can get to using your perks right away. You’ll also get free returns, but these items are so trendy that you won’t want to send them back.

Courtesy Madewell

Between the style and the message behind this minimalist collection, you really can’t go wrong. Every time you slip these items on, you’ll be reminded of all the women that you’re helping with your 25 percent contribution. Plus, you’ll be wearing your feminist beliefs proudly on your sleeve.

Of course, you can always donate directly to the Girls Inc. organization if the collection isn’t quite your style. All you have to do is head to the brand’s website and fill out the simple  donation form. There are even some sub-groups inside Girls Inc. that you can donate to, if you’re looking to pinpoint where your cash goes.

Either way, this collection is an incredible effort to give back. After all, sometimes it’s not about being flashy or super-on trend. Soemtimes, it’s just about knowing that you did something small to change a woman’s life.


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