The Best Graphic Tees for Under $30​

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There’s nothing wrong with a plain white tee. But unless you’re wearing the world’s most interesting pants, you might want something on top that makes you stand out. You need the right graphic tee—and by “right” we mean not cheesy, not juvenile, not overdone, and not definitely something you’d buy in a tourist shop after a couple tequila shots because you were fooled into thinking the slogan was hilarious.

So where do you go to find cool graphics? What if you don’t want a brand name emblazoned across your chest? And, oh right, what is this going to cost? The good news is we’re talking about T-shirts—so we limited the search to prices of $30 or less. With price in mind, we did a little digging to find tees in a variety of fits—some to show off muscles, some tailored slim, some well-made and relaxed, but none that are too boxy.

Whether they come from big box retailers or in-the-know skate and surf brands, the ten tees on this list deliver on all our criteria within the budget. Which is good, because when you can wear the same shirt with a swimsuit, jeans, or under a lightweight blazer, you might want to buy two.


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