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It’s great being a Nintendo fan. Especially with the arrival of Super NES Classic. There are so many ways to show your support for the company out there, as well as amazing games and franchises. Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch, is out now, and it’s a great time to celebrate. We’ve whipped up a bunch of awesome Nintendo-centric gifts you might want to buy for yourself or that special Nintendo fan in your life to celebrate the occasion. Whether you’re into figures or need a new chess set, we’ve got you covered with some great picks. Just don’t go broke before it’s time for you to pay off that new Switch!

This comic book is a collection of the Mario comics that were previously found in Nintendo Power, so if you don’t still have your collection of Nintendo Power magazines still laying around the house, you’ll want to get this compilation instead so you can cut to the chase and take in all the comics. It’s very well worth it, especially if you don’t want to chase down all of the old issues to compile the comics.

Everyone can use an awesome hat to show off that they are the radness. What better way than do to that with this NES controller snapback!? Pick this cap up for someone who you know wants to show their Nintendo pride. Rock it at school, work, or home.

These various pieces of art featuring NES games on them are a great addition to any home or workspace. It even looks pretty professional, given that they’re real art prints. Take the magic of your favorite system with you to decorate pretty much any personal space you have, and see if it doesn’t put a smile on your face and others’.

Everyone needs a cup of coffee to start their day, whether it’s decaf or caffeinated to hell and back. Why not make the coffee routine a lot more fun with this mug that changes when heat is detected? One scene goes up when the mug is colder or at room temperature, and one goes up when it’s hot. Genius, I tell you!

Keep warm with one of the greatest handheld devices of all time. Yeah, yeah, the Switch is handheld, but this is where things truly got their start. Now it can keep you warm when you’re having a bit of a cold spell.

Snuggle up to this soft little monster and this time you won’t get hurt or die. You might even convince this one to provtect you while you sleep.


Read up on all the old Nintendo classics you may have missed out on growing up, and then seek them out and play them now that you’re an adult! This gorgeous hardcover coffee table book is practically begging you to give it to that hardcore NES fan in your life.

If you’re a big fan of collecting impressive figures, you shouldn’t miss out on this very special amiibo, which was made to look like an 8-bit rendition of Mario. It’s surprisingly sturdy in real life, too. If your giftee doesn’t use amiibo in-game, it’ll still make a great paperweight.

If you’ve never played chess or if you’re just looking for a new board to keep things fresh, this Mario chess set has your number. It’s got plenty of Mario-centric pieces and a board to keep things interesting, too. Add this to your collection!

Skip the “classically trained” slogans and silly mottos with your Nintendo T-shirt picks and go for this cool, casual and svelte option instead. Its chic design and understated graphic make it a win for dressing up or dressing down and rest assured it won’t be the same shirt everyone got from Walmart.

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