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KENT – K is for Kent.

Senior visual communication design major Sara Koubek, began her T-shirt design with a giant K because of the giant K in Risman Plaza and outside of Dix Stadium. 

Koubek,who is also minoring in entrepreneurship, said the design inside the K is all about Kent State University, and Homecoming. She said scribbling is her style and she hand drew each little item inside the K, including the little squirrels. She used Adobe Capture, Illustrator and Photoshop to create the design. 

“It screams Kent State to me,” she said of her design, adding the concept was the hardest part and once she had her design in mind, executing it was easy. 

She said there were only a couple of requirements for the designs: it had to include Homecoming and Kent State. Koubek said it was easy working with the bookstore and she enjoyed working with them and the alumni association. While she was intrigued by the contest since her freshman year, she didn’t actually enter it until her senior year. 

“It was the last week these were due and I saw the form and was like ‘oh yeah I have to do that real quick,’” she said adding she had no idea what she wanted her design to be. “I guess it paid off because I won.” 

She said one reason she thinks she didn’t enter the contest her freshman year was because she didn’t have as much pride in the school that she does now. 

“It’s become my home away from home and it wasn’t in the beginning,” she said. “This means a lot to me now, whereas I don’t think it would have meant as much to me then I don’t think.”

She said she loves Kent State’s beautiful campus and the many opportunities it has opened up for her.

As reward for her design, she will not receive any of the proceeds from the shirt but she did receive a gift card to the Kent State Bookstore, an Amazon gift card, passes for the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, ice skating and rock climbing as well as recognition during the Homecoming Parade and football game.

“The main goal and my favorite part is having my T-shirt displayed and people can buy it,” Koubek said.

Koubek is also a resident assistant in Leebrick Hall of Tri Towers. ??Koubek worked as a design intern for LendingTree in Charlotte, NC. After graduation in the spring, she plans to use her knowledge gained at Kent State to begin a career as a graphic designer and illustrator.

She said she would encourage students to try for any of the contests around campus. 

“I think it’s a good way to show your Kent State pride, even if you don’t have as much pride as you think you do, it can help you to find your place on campus” she said. “Especially if you are interested in art this is great, and not only that but other contests here, just try something new.”

The T-shirt is now available to purchase at the Kent State University Bookstore.


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