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Celina Police Chief

Chief Tony Griggs

During National Night Out events, the police department, with the help of supportive sponsors, have given away T-shirts bearing messages that support the partnership between the Celina community and the police department. Many of you continue to wear these T-shirts, and we are very grateful for your continued support. 

For 2017, the T-shirt design depicts a symbolic image of the United States Flag along with the wording “Community – Celina Police,” representing the partnership between the police department and the community. In addition, two “thin blue line” images appear in the graphic design. 

What does the thin blue line image mean? 

You probably have your own meaning associated with the thin blue line. If we ask different people, even different police officers, the meaning associated with the thin blue line may vary. That’s OK; people internalize the meaning so that it is personal to them. 

The basic meaning associated with the thin blue line is that police officers serve as a thin line that protects the good of our society from evil, order from complete chaos. Others will add to the meaning in that it represents the thin line where honorable police officers serve their community without exception and in the face of personal sacrifice. Indeed, many police officers have made the ultimate sacrifice in the protection of their community. We can never forget their sacrifice and they will always hold a place in the fabric of the thin blue line. 

The thin blue line can and has been a lonely place where police officers stand alone in their mandate to protect our society. 

Here in Celina, the police department and the community have formed a partnership, a partnership of trust and working together. The thin blue line that appears on the National Night Out T-shirt symbolizes a place where the police do not stand alone but stand with the community in a strong partnership that protects our community. We are truly grateful that we do not stand on this thin blue line alone. 

Internalize your own meaning of the thin blue line and join us as we continue to work together and keep Celina a safe community.


This message was originally published on the Celina Police Department Facebook page and is being reprinted with permission from Chief Tony Griggs.


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