Graphic T-Shirt Trend For All Body Types

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Stylish women everywhere have a new wardrobe staple, and if it’s not already in your closet, trust me, it should be! I’m talking about the graphic t-shirt, one of Fall’s most wearable and versatile trends. I love it because it adds instant cool cred to just about any look. Plus, this is one fashion favorite that’s actually shoppable across all price points and sizes (I wear a size 12-16), making it the perfect piece to wear and layer all season long.

Sure, you can throw one on with a pair of jeans and look great, but what if you want to add more wow factor? For next-level outfit inspo, I love to see how celebs and influencers are wearing a trend . . . and then re-create their looks in my size.

When it comes to graphic tees, a few ladies got the dressed-up-meets-dressed-down vibe exactly right. I’m talking about Nina Garcia’s sequined look, Olivia Munn’s edgy take, and Giovanna Battaglia’s to-die-for rainbow ensemble. Each look oozes style and is surprisingly easy to steal; keep reading for the how-to!


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