Fields: Spring/Summer 2018 Juniors’ Forecasts

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For the Spring/Summer 2018 season, juniors will be wearing embroidered jeans, T-shirts with sequins and plaid blazers, forecast Barbara Fields of the Barbara Fields Buying Office.

She released her forecast during a series of presentations that took place Oct. 2–5 at her offices in the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Some of the unique looks of the Spring/Summer 2018 season will be details such as sequins and pearls. T-shirts displayed during the presentations included a white T-shirt bearing the word “Moi” spelled out with faux pearls. Gray and white faux pearls decorated the shoulders of one sweatshirt. White faux pearls made the shape of a starry night on a black T-shirt.

Spring/Summer 2018 T-shirts are forecast to bear girl-power slogans as well as humorous messages. Fields also forecast a wide variety of shapes in T-shirt silhouettes such as loose peasant blouse–style shapes, camisoles and tops featuring puff sleeves. Also look for a continuation of the shoulder-bearing “cold shoulder” top during the upcoming season.

Other T-shirt details for the upcoming season will feature embroideries, ruffles, side-tie trims, lattice ties, cutouts and keyhole details. Also look for grommets fastened by rings on some T-shirt sleeves.

Fields also forecast that juniors are going to enjoy a wide variety of denim looks for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 season. Look forward to the continued popularity of distressed jeans. Also predicted to be popular: jeans bearing embroideries, decorations with pearls and beading. There will also be mixed-media looks such as denim skirts and pants with fishnet and mesh panels. Denim jackets will feature prominently in juniors wardrobes during the season. Oversize denim jackets will be popular as will parka-sized denim jackets. Also look for denim jackets with patches and graphic details.

Athletic tops and sweatpants will be detailed with fabric bands bearing brand names, and slogans are forecast to be popular. During the presentations, Fields made some forecasts for Fall 2018 juniors styles. Biker jackets made out of faux-leather materials are predicted to be popular as will leather-look jackets detailed with faux fur and shearling.

Fields has been forecasting juniors trends since the mid-1980s. She bases her predictions on frequent shopping trips to fashion capitals such as London, New York, Tokyo and Los Angeles.


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