Did Kanye West Throw Subs At Taylor Swift?

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As we all know, Taylor Swift can be pretty petty. After all, her recent music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” was filled with subtle jabs at basically everyone she’s felt has personally attacked her.

But Taylor apparently isn’t the only person who can be spiteful. In fact, Kanye West just made a run for the petty title, after he was spotted in a graphic t-shirt that appeared to take shots at his arch nemesis.

Yeezy was reportedly photographed in Malibu leaving the Nobu restaurant when fans noticed his shirt. The front of the shirt appeared to be normal, with a simple graphic in the corner. But the back of the shirt had a harsh message. “She’s beyond Good and Evil,” the writing stated. Although the shirt wasn’t a direct hit at Swift, it’s really hard to think of who else the “she” would be referring to.

As we all are aware, Kanye and Taylor’s feuding goes way back. The beef, which originally started at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, found new legs after Taylor dropped her music video. The video referenced the infamous TV moment, as well as other moments pertaining to their feud throughout the years.

Kanye walking the town in his new shirt  comes shortly after reports claimed the rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian were unbothered by Swift’s video. Other sources claimed that the power couple considered their problems with Taylor a thing of the past and even suggested that she’s simply fighting with herself, according to TMZ. Kimye may be done with blasting the “Bad Blood” singer on social media, but it looks like Kanye wasn’t above letting the world know Taylor still isn’t to be trust.

Check out the shirt here.



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