Columbiana students use t-shirt project as business opportunity

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Columbiana t-shirts
Columbiana t-shirts

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – Incorporating business with creativity is happening inside a classroom at Columbiana High School.

Students taking business, entrepreneurship and graphic design classes are combining their ideas to create t-shirts and then selling them to classmates.

The class is a mix of students from 9th through 12th grade. The students come up with ideas for the t-shirts, create the graphics on a computer, print out the design and affix it to the shirts using a t-shirt press.

Students say the best part of the project is seeing other students wear their work.

“They are really surprised that we can make these at school. We can do this. You can buy something, but we can do it and it is just easy,” said Marissa Less, a senior at Columbiana High School.

Their latest design which says, “Once a clipper always a clipper,” will be presented to the school board Tuesday night.

“It looks cool because you know you made them. Usually, when you see Clipper wear, it is from people out in Springfield, but here it’s from our school. It is so cool,” said Marisa McDonough, a senior at Columbiana High School.

The money made from the tee-shirt sales will go to different scholarships for students at Columbiana.



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