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When I first received jobs that required me to dress up a bit, my main concern surrounded dressing too maturely for my age. Although I understood that my graphic T-shirt would not cut it in an office setting, I also did not want to dress in dull colors and boring styles, making me look like a child rummaging through her grandma’s clothes.

This summer, I found various pieces of clothing that would allow me to look youthful, fashionable and keep up with some of my favorite trends when I would have to dress up. Here are two outfits I was able to put together.

1. Bold skirts complete the outfit

My closet, for the longest time, consisted of various skirt styles, but none of them would even come to my knee. So when I was shopping one weekend at an outlet in Oklahoma City, I found this knee-length A-line skirt at Express and fell in love. Even better: the skirt was on sale for $23. I love wearing this skirt to the office because it is not too short. The bold printing, style and colors are even more of a statement piece compared to a bold sleeveless top. I could easily pair the skirt with a simple black cami top and finish it off with one of my many jean jackets to add some youth to the look. As for shoes, I love wearing my favorite brown booties.

You can find the top here, and similar skirts can be found Charlotte Russe, Target and Zara. The shoes can be found here.

2.  Jumpsuits automatically add sophistication

When the jumpsuit trend first started, I was quite skeptical. I was not sure if this was a trend I could follow along with, strictly due to my petite size. Although I could pair the jumpsuit with a cute pair of wedges or chunky heels over the summer, I knew for a fact I could not wear those same shoes walking around campus, especially days I had to walk to my job. Therefore, after some hunting, I found a few stores that had petite style jumpsuits including ASOS, Missguided, Forever 21 and even Marshalls, where I got the jumpsuit for this look. Jumpsuits add this slight form of sophistication to an outfit, while keeping it youthful. This specific jumpsuit also came with a bib necklace; however, I was not a fan of that specific accessory and removed it myself. I do believe that adding a statement necklace to a jumpsuit  is just enough for the look. As for shoes, I love to wear either a pair of flats or booties, like the pair in the previous outfit.

Jumpsuits similar to my own can be found at ASOS or Forever 21. My shoes can be found here.

For next week’s column, it’s all about the changing rules of denim! 


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