Bates Footwear Pays Tribute to U.S. Military and First Responders with New T-Shirt Line

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Bates Footwear has introduced a new line of graphic t-shirts aimed at paying tribute to the United States Armed Forces and first responders. The company has created two unique designs to represent the brand and their ongoing commitment to serving those who serve this country. Each design is printed on a tagless tri-blend fabric and is offered in three different colors.


Director of Product Development, Eric Fracassi, explains the inspiration behind each of the two designs:

“The We Got Your 6 design was based on a photo of a SWAT team engaged in maneuvers – set against the backdrop of the U.S. Flag with a ‘Blue Line’ reference to the law enforcement community. The term ‘We Got Your 6’ is commonly used to communicate between officers, simply meaning ‘we got your back’ or ‘we’ve got you covered.’”

The Estd. 1885 design was developed as an iconic symbol of the brand, referencing our history and commitment to all those in uniform. The five stars represent the five branches of our military. The idea was to create something emblematic. The skull is a reference to the sacrifice made by men and women in uniform. This graphic also includes a call-out to the military & law enforcement communities with the blue and green stripes.”

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