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“Who doesn’t love avocados?” queried Emily Crosby when asked about her feelings for the scaly-skinned, green-fleshed fruit Carpinterians celebrate every year with a three-day festival. Crosby, a graphic designer, loves avocados enough to have produced an avo-honoring poster design that was selected to represent the California Avocado Festival in its 31st year.

Rena VanKirk, the festival’s executive administrator, said that among the many entries into this year’s poster design contest, Crosby’s graphics drew the support of all the decision-makers. “The colors and are fun and vibrate, and the ‘waves’ around the avocado gives it a groovy Carpinteria Beach feel,” she said.

Crosby will attend her first California Avocado Festival this October. The celebrated artist behind the design said she was thrilled to be chosen and looks forward to eating, drinking and admiring all things avo when she attends the festival, scheduled for Oct. 6 through 8.

Last year, Crosby submitted a poster entry similar to this year’s winner. “I really liked the last one I did,” she said. “It just needed tweaking.”

As a graphic designer at Whatever Company, which makes novelty items and customized apparel, she’d been assigned a project to make shirts with 1960s and 1970s band names, like Jefferson Airplane and Janice Joplin. The retro lettering and throwback patterns appealed to her despite her typically minimalist aesthetic. She worked that mood into her Avofest poster.

Growing up in the Northridge area, Crosby didn’t take a liking to avocados as a kid. The 2014 Loyola Marymount graduate, who holds a degree in animation, said that when she tried the fruit again a few years ago, she fell hard. She buys avocados regularly—despite their steep price this season—and orders them on the side of restaurant meals. Also, she said, “Since I’m a millenial, of course I eat avocado toast.”

Crosby’s groovy design was unveiled at a California Avocado Festival party held on Sept. 6 after Coastal View News went to print. The October festival offers opportunities galore for readers to purchase posters, T-shirts and other merchandise with the design. To see more of Crosby’s work, visit emilycrosbyart.com.

Also, the festival chose an honorable mention design this year: Anne Whittaker’s whimsical avocado tree will be printed on limited merchandise available at the Avofest.


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