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Calling all denim lovers, this one’s for you. In the many years I’ve been interested in fashion, I cannot recall a year the runways haven’t had a denim obsession. Some years it might have been denim shorts, skirts, styles of jeans, jackets or dresses. The possibilities are endless — I’ve even noticed denim accessories.

This season, we’ve discussed the statement two-toned denim creates. It’s fashion-forward and creates a center of attention in any outfit. However, if you’re not digging two-toned denim trends, no worries. I have you covered with fun ways to style your favorite denim jacket this fall.

Denim jackets have been a wardrobe statement piece since the ‘50s, although, at the time, they were associated with rebellious teens. Nowadays, these jackets give off a cool vibe that’s a little grungy without the bad stigma.

My favorite thing about denim jackets is the variability they provide in your wardrobe. You can pair denim jackets with almost anything. From work to play, switch the work blazer for a denim jacket. From your warm bed to class, keep on your comfy sweatshirt and just add an oversized denim jacket.

Styling Step 1: Pick your weapon

By weapon I mean your jacket type. Want a grungier feel? Go for a distressed jacket. Like to have a lot of options? Try out a colored denim jacket or a classic style, no distress. You’ll get the most wear out of these styles because they can be mixed and matched easily. Like to have your statement piece focus on your upper body? Find a denim jacket that’s embroidered, has graphics or metallic details on it for the “wow” effect.

Styling Step 2: Define your style

Styles are a tricky topic because everybody is unique and different in their own way. No two people have the same exact style. I like to categorize my style by my daily moods.

If I’m feeling lazy, I’m going to wear a graphic T-shirt with leggings and finish the look with an oversized jacket. If I feel dressy but I’m just going to class, I might pair a sweater with a skirt and add the denim jacket to make the outfit less fancy.

Defining your style or the aesthetic you want your style to portray will help you to naturally pair your denim pieces together.

Styling Step 3: The final result

Once you decide your jacket style of choice and define your personal style, you’re ready to put outfits together. I’ve styled three outfits, each corresponding to different denim jacket.

Oversized denim jackets are my personal favorite and are easy to pair up with a casual school outfit. Thinking about my mood — probably tired, but ready for coffee and to tackle the day’s work — I pick my oversized jacket.

I want to be comfortable in class so I either wear black leggings from Nike if I want to look more athletic, or Express if I want something more fashion-forward. I grab a simple graphic tank top and layer a black zip-up hoodie on top. Lots of layers are essential in the fall, especially in Nebraska when the weather can change within hours.

While I’m strutting this look around campus, I go for my favorite white sneakers.

For a fancier event like a dinner date or campus event, my first pick would be a classic denim jacket. This should be a regular, plain denim jacket with no embellishments or distress, the kind you could wear season in and out.

Since this is a nicer occasion look, I’m pairing my favorite faux-suede turquoise skirt with a tucked-in white turtleneck sweater. This is simple, but not overly dressy, and it looks very classy with the denim jacket. As a statement piece, you could wear a statement necklace or shoes. I chose my brocade booties — fall festive and on-trend to tie this look together.

The last outfit is using our statement denim jacket. My personal collection is home to a killer embroidered light-wash jacket from PacSun and I like to work it into more fashion-forward outfits. I find that this jacket would be considered the trendiest of my bunch.

I like to style it over a monochromatic outfit of all-black or all-white. These monochromatic looks would include black/white denim and a black/white mock-neck, short-sleeved shirt.

This style is best for the mornings when you wake up late, but still need to look put together. Throw on your favorite monochromatic look, layer the statement jacket on top and finish the outfit with another coat on top.

A lot of streetwear looks and highly pinned pictures on Pinterest have shown fashion influencers using this layering tactic in their favor. It can be interchangeable, with the coat underneath and the denim jacket thrown over the shoulders. My favorite looks have the denim jacket underneath, buttoned once in the middle and layered with a tan trench coat.

This look will have you ready to strut down Times Square, New York, all because of your jacket selection. I like the statement denim jacket in this because its details are shown off by buttoning it once in the middle. Any pair of shoes can work with this look, including heels to take it from streetwear to runway or sneakers to take it from high-fashion to streetwear.

Not everyone has an excessive denim jacket collection like mine. I recommend finding the jacket that’s suitable for your style and wardrobe, and find what you can mix the most with other pieces you have. Denim jackets are perfect for the unpredictable fall transitional weather, and these are just a few style ideas out of millions you can find online. Happy styling!




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