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FOMRAD got start in the summer of 2008 when a guy we worked with would get to work early so he could park his Prius in the last spot before you went into the office. He was an Obama supporter and would have the latest signage in the windows of the car. We would come up with witty come backs and friendly put downs to email this guy but we had so much material we needed an outlet so as not to waste them on just one guy. Do a little research, discover FOMRAD and the rest is history.

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A lot of hard work and creative effort has gone into the content of this website.
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Realize that for the most part we have very limited access to your private information as you will be doing the actual transaction(s) with FOMRAD. Please read the details of the FOMRAD privacy policy here. You are a valued customer of FOMRAD and your privacy is important to us. That means we will not, under any circumstances, sell or otherwise distibute any of your personal information we may obtain through the course of doing business with you.